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In honor of Women's History Month, we've put together this selection of Shaking Through episodes featuring some of the amazing and inspiring women we’ve had the pleasure and honor of collaborating with over the years.

Thin Lips | "So Stoned"


Vol. 8, Ep. 6

thin lips sm sq
Chrissy Tashjian and her close friend Frances Quinlan (of the band Hop Along) collaborate in this episode about the power of music as a tool to cope with anxiety and fear.                  
J. Pope and the HearNow | "How Long?"


Vol. 8, Ep. 3

Jasmine Pope, who works at a healthcare center in Baltimore focusing on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, talks about starting at the ground level to combat systemic issues.
Waxahatchee | "No Curse"


Vol. 8, Ep. 2

Katie Crutchfield recorded this song the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, a day of Woman’s marches around the world. In this episode, Katie talks about how music plays into her activism.
Lea Thomas | "Wild As You Are"


Vol. 8, Ep. 2 

For Lea Thomas, writing music is rooted in her connection to nature. In this episode she talks about the innate healing power of music and the natural world, and the landscapes that inspire her art.
Big Thief | "Mother"


Vol. 7, Ep. 2 

Adrianne Lenker talks about her song “Mother” as an exploration of the cyclical process of birth and decay and “carrying a space for the thing that you’re nurturing and putting out into the world.”
Hemming | "All I Want"


Vol. 7, Ep. 1 

hemming sm sq
Candice Martello and Cayetana’s Augusta Koch team up in the episode where they talk about the faults of the music industry and how Candice is inspired by (and inspires) other young women to make music.
The Dove & The Wolf | "Green & Yellow"


Vol. 6, Ep. 7

Louise Hayat and Paloma Gil are life long friends from France who moved to America to explore their music career. In this episode, the two talk about all the help they’ve had through this journey.
Circuit Des Yeux | "Stranger"


Vol. 6, Ep. 6

Haley Fohr lends her unique and exploratory song-writing and singing style to this episode about understanding and incorporating your own pain and the pain of strangers into your life and art.
Cayetana | "Miss Thing"


Vol. 5, Ep. 4

To the the funny and charming women of Cayetana, friendship holds a special significance. In the 'boys club' that is indie rock, it took finding each other to get them off the sidelines and onto the stage.
Cassandra Jenkins | "Perfect Day"


Vol. 5, Ep. 3

Cassandra worked with a host of musicians, from strings to horns, in this cinematic song that served as one of her first opportunities to flex her arranging skills and ambitious artistic vision.
The TonTons | "Lush"


Vol. 5, Ep. 2

Asli Omar talks about writing songs that deal with difficult topics as a way of getting outside of yourself and shares a personal experience that touches on the innate desire for connection and belonging.
Torres | "New Skin"


Vol. 5, Ep. 1

Mackenzie Scott was joined by Sharon Van Etten for this intense, but ultimately triumphant episode. The two both find strength in vulnerability and the lyrics which are deeply honest and cathartic.
Hop Along | "Sister Cities"


Vol. 4, Ep. 5

In this episode, Frances Quinlan talks about her writing process and all the experiences and people that factor into her songs. Her story telling is paralleled only by her beautiful and intense vocal style.
Twin Sister | "Meet The Frownies"


Vol. 1, Ep. 8

Back in 2010, this was one of the first times Twin Sister had ever recorded at a professional studio. The song was done in less than 12 hours but you’d never know it. It remains one of our favorites!
Sharon Van Etten | "Love More"


Vol. 1, Ep. 1

Sharon Van Etten tells the story of how she got started playing music, overcoming the discouragement of an unsupportive boyfriend, her intimate songs were too emotionally important to abandon. 

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