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So glad you are here. Let's see if these Frequently Asked Questions can't help you out.

Q: What is Weathervane Music?

A: Weathervane Music is a non-profit, new music incubator that creates projects to advance independent music and the community that supports it. Founded in 2009 by Philadelphia Producer Brian McTear and high school friend Bill Robertson, Weathervane envisions a healthy music ecosystem in which audiences and artists are equally committed and equally important to bringing music to our culture. Weathervane produces Shaking Through, a visionary series that documents the birth of a song by select musicians, sharing every part of the process with music fans around the world.


Q: What is Shaking Through?
A: Shaking Through is a music and video series featuring emerging independent artists in the recording studio. Produced by Weathervane Music in Philadelphia, Shaking Through gives audiences an insider's view into the recording process, while giving musicians powerful opportunities to record in a professional setting.


Q: How often do Shaking Through episodes come out?
A: Currently, Weathervane Music produces about 6 Shaking Through episodes per year. We also do about 6 workshops per year, which also come with multi-tracks to remix!


Q: Can my band submit music to be considered for a Shaking Through episode?
Yes, you can submit your band at the link below. Though be warned, we make no guarantees. There are a lot of bands out there and we only produce a handful of episodes a year.





Q: How can I increase the chances of being selected?

A: We hear about bands mostly through our network. It's VERY rare that a band sends us their stuff directly and we select them. But when they do, we find they have 3 things: 


1) A great story. One that makes us jump out of our seats because we really want to tell it.  It's often a unique process or back story, a wild concept that would be fun to explore. It has to be out of the ordinary. 


2) A great track. One that makes us excited to showcase how it comes together. This can get subjective--there's not way around it--we're following our noses on what will be a great track record and share with our audience to learn from, remix and discuss. Songs that don't have a lot of live elements or that use tons of prerecorded tracks don't grab our attention. If there is something unique about it, we'll be interested. 


3) A great team. An artist with experience and a team of people around them (fans, manager, press etc) tells us that they are serious about their careers and willing to stick with it over the longer haul. Being an independent musician requires a lot of grit, and that gets proven out in the world. If we see you gathering people around you creatively and professionally, we'll take a look. 


So there's our rubric. You know EXACTLY what we're looking for. Think you've got these three things?


Submit your band here



Q: Who owns the music recorded for Shaking Through?
A: All music recorded for Shaking Through is owned by Weathervane Music. Revenue from licensing Shaking Through recordings is shared equally with the artists who make it in perpetuity (that means "forever").


Q: I sent you my music, but didn't hear back. How come you don't want to work with my band? 

A: It shouldn't surprise you that most artists want to take part in Shaking Through. However, we only shoot 6 episodes a year. Those are slim odds, so don't feel bad. Not hearing back happens to everyone, keep working until we HAVE to pay attention to you because you're so damn good. 


Q: Where do Shaking Through recording sessions take place?
A: Shaking Through sessions are recorded at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Q: Can I post my remix to youtube or soundcloud?

A: Yes, but you MUST attribute what you do properly to us, AND disable any revenue sharing. We want you to be able to show off your skills and all the cool things you've done with our materials, but you can't make money off it. Please see our "Terms of Use" page for more information.





Q: I joined as a member, but can't create a password – what went wrong?

A: Most of the time, this happens because there was a typo when you entered your email address.  Look at your email receipt to be sure all the information is correct, enter the email address carefully, and it should work.  If you're still having trouble, email:





Q: I signed up as a Member a while ago, but when I try to create a password, it says "Email Not Found."  How can I get in?
A: Free memberships expire after 3 months, and preMIX memberships expire after a year – your expiration date can be found in the original confirmation email.  But Free membership is still free! Just go to the member login, and sign up again as a preMIX or Free member, then return to create your password.


Q: How do I cancel my monthly membership?
A: There is a link in the welcome email for cancelling your membership.  If you can’t find that email, or you’re having any trouble at all, just email Dan and we'll put the cancellation through for you.



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