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January 6th, 2010



Sharon Van Etten - Love More

"Love More" was the first official release for the newly branded Shaking Through Series from Weathervane Music and WXPN. Sharon Van Etten arrived from Brooklyn with Cat Martino and Jeffery Kish on a cold night in early December. The next two days would be a total eye-opener for Van Etten, who until now had done very little collaboration with other musicians or in a studio on this scale. Soon thousands and thousands of people would watch the video and download the song via countless blogs and websites (including an amazing review in Pitchfork). In the time since the January release of "Love More", Van Etten's career has skyrocketed as her October 2010 album, epic (including this recording of "Love More") set the tone for a promising career.

    If there is one word that encapsulates Sharon Van Etten's music, it is, undoubtedly, intimate. The Brooklyn-based songstress sings folk music for lovers-lovers of heartache, of life, of raw human emotion-laying graceful vocals like lace over crooning, acoustic guitar that feels straight out of the bedroom. Her lyrics seem to come from the depths of midnight thought, speaking to us as if in moonlit conversation over life's great truths. Yet she achieves this intimacy not through grandiose statements, but in tiny details: a toe-touch, a bloody knee-the little moments we've all known that take on meaning far greater than they may at first seem to possess. 

    Raised in New Jersey, Van Etten began writing music as a girl, but it was only after returning to her childhood home that she started recording songs. After six years in Tennessee and five in a decidedly unhealthy relationship, she began the bedroom demos that would ultimately become Because I Was In Love, the debut LP that's garnered her acclaim from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NPR, the UK Times, Brooklyn Vegan, The Boston Globe, as well The Onion's AV Club, and many more. But it's the reaction of listeners who've discovered her that is most telling. At once both heartbreaking and inspiring, Sharon Van Etten's music leaves ears yearning for more life; it's difficult not to feel it inhabit you.


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