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Shaking Through is a recording and documentary series that explores the importance of creative expression and its impact on society through the perspective of people who dedicate their lives to making music.

With this series we are committed to enabling self expression and seek to inspire and educate the community about the creative process, and the art and science of recording music.


Ways to participate

listen / watch

Each episode of Shaking Through consists of a documentary about the artist and the recording process, as well as a final recording of their original song. Since we started in 2009, Weathervane has produced 70+ episodes, which means you can watch over 100 videos and listen to over 70 original tracks across multiple genres, recorded by artists from all over the world with unique and inspiring stories to share. Jump in on any episode or go back to the beginning and watch them all!


Weathervane members at the Monthly or Annual "Remix Member" level can download the multi-track raw audio and stems from Shaking Through sessions. Practice your mixing skills, make your own creative remixes, and share you work back with the community for feedback and support.


As a Weathervane "Event Access" member, you can attend Shaking Through "Wrap Parties," as well as any of our other events, like Recordings Workshops or Concerts. 


Become a Major Donor for numerous opportunities to attend and participate in Shaking Through tapings and recording sessions and to see your name in the credits of our videos and related content.

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The recorded material from these sessions, along with tutorial documents and lesson plans, are also made available to audio engineering and mixing programs in universities and high-schools throughout the Philadelphia area and around the world.


Not sure which Shaking Through and Workshop multi-tracks you have access to? Check out the Member Access page!


Not a member yet? Access to multitracks is just one of the many benefits of joining this community. 

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