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October, 2018 | Miner Street Recordings


Hoochi Coochi - "BBW" | MIX 1.0

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Porier, Produced by Brian McTear at Miner Street Recordings.

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Hoochi Coochi

Hoochi Coochi is a hand clapping soul stirring indie blues band from Dover, De. Starting in the warm fall of 2015, members Fatz Hawkins and Danielle Johnson have been hitting the music scene hard and heavy together. Both coming from well-established musical projects and closing in on a decade of musical experience, the two have joined forces to create something that's sure to make you dance. Mixing genres like blues, soul and adding a touch of indie they have been able to engage a wide demographic both young and old.


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Hoochi Coochi picked up longtime drummer Chelsea Grant in July of 2016 on drums to round out their sound and add movement and flow to their live performance and Mark Reed in 2017 to add to the rhythm section. Always a crowd favorite Hoochi Coochi brings the people together. They have entertained a wide array of venues and opened for national acts like Low Cut Connie and Larkin Poe. They are sure to get any crowd young and old rocking, rolling, and singing about love.


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Lo-Res: 16 bit / 44.1 kbps

Hi-Res: 24 bit / 88.2 kbps



Hoochi Coochi - Raw Tracks (Lo-Res)
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Hoochi Coochi - Raw Tracks (Hi-Res)
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Hoochi Coochi - Mix Stems (Lo-Res)
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Hoochi Coochi - Mix Stems (Hi-Res)
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