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Black Horse Motel

In Partnership with the Philadelphia Folksong Society


"Dark Now, Mary" | August, 2018


Black Horse Motel - "Dark Now, Mary" | Mix 1.0

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Brian McTear at Miner Street Recordings.

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Black Horse Motel 


Philadelphia's Black Horse Motel crafts its genre-fluid city folk sound by taking traditional folk instrumentation and lyrics, blending them with Americana roots, rock, blues, and country influences and tying it all together with rich vocal harmonies. The resulting sound is infectiously foot-stomping, heart-breaking, familiar and new.



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The Philadelphia Folksong Society

For this workshop, we partnered with “The Philadelphia Folksong Society,” a local non-profit founded in 1957 that is dedicated to preserving the past, promoting the present, and securing the future of folk music and related forms of expression through education, presentation, and participation.

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Lo-Res: 16 bit / 44.1 kbps

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Black Horse Motel - Raw Tracks (Lo-Res)
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