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Carl Bahner / Maeve Gorman

Remix "Every Animal" by Half-Waif



REMIX: "Every Animal" (Half Waif)

By Carl Bahner / Maeve Gorman 

Interview: Carl Bahner / Maeve Gorman

A conversation with Weathervane Co-founder Brian McTear, May 2019

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Lo-Res: 16 bit / 44.1 kbps

Hi-Res: 24 bit / 88.2 kbps


Half Waif Raw Tracks - Lo-Res (original)
327.3 MB
Half Waif Mix Stems - Lo-Res (original)
266.3 MB
Half Waif Raw Tracks - Hi-Res (original)
1.1 GB
Half Waif Mix Stems - Hi-Res (original)
1.1 GB
Half Waif Drum Samples - Hi-Res (original)
1.2 GB
Half Waif Mix Stems - Bahner & Gorman

Half Waif

"Every Animal" 

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Visit the Half Waif episode page to post your own remix of "Every Animal" and explore more content related to this episode!


Carl Bahner is a producer, mix engineer and remixer from Lancaster, PA. He played drums for the band CHEERLEADER from 2012 through 2016, and since then has worked with artists such as St. Lucia, Joywave, Little Mix, The Wombats, Tokyo Police Club and many more. 



Maeve Gorman is a singer and guitarist from Collegeville, PA. She is the creative mind behind the band Semblance, where she has written and co-produced two EPs with Bahner over the past two years. Together they remixed the song "Every Animal" by Half Waif, originally recorded for Shaking Through (Volume 9, Episode 3).





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