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mix roadmap 600

The definitive guide to mixing tracks from the Weathervane Music "Shaking Through" series.


footsteps 600

Our comparative ear training exercise for home recording artists.

overhead 600

The Weathervane Music drum overhead mic technique and related topics.  

deesser 600

Our process for creating a simple sidechain de-esser and related topics.

drum room 600

The Weathervane Music drum room mic technique and related topics. 

sub kick 600

Our technique for sidechaining kick & bass.

ducking 600

Our process for sidechain vocal ducking.
















sense archive cover

Our best practices for sensible archiving.

Tracking in the Footsteps
1.7 MB

Drum Overhead Mic Technique
419 KB

Drum Room Mic Technique
311.2 KB


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