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May 5th, 2010



Floating Action - Dead Reckoning

Seth Kauffman arrived all by himself, on a long drive from Black Mountain North Carolina, the night before recording "Dead Reckoning" for Shaking Through. It was late February, and the seasons were already beginning to change as he, with curator and producer, Scott McMicken of the band Dr. Dog, set out to arrange, record and mix one song in two day marathon days.

    Hailing from the small mountain town of Black Mountain, NC, Floating Action is the project of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Seth Kauffman. Blending an unusual array of genres - dub, folk, blues, garage-rock, soul, reggae, gospel, bossa nova, and country - the music of Floating Action is unique in its ability to combine cross-cultural elements from various periods into one cohesive, body and mind-warming sound. It's music that could fit comfortably in many decades, many places, but always feels right in the moment, right now, right here. 
    Before 2009's eponymous Floating Action debut, Kauffman had already released two albums under his own name. In 2006, Ting received rave reviews from critics, many of whom dubbed him a "southern-fried Beck." In 2007, he released his first album with Philly's Park the Van Records: Research. As on Floating Action, Kauffman recorded virtually every instrument and vocal on the albums, showcasing the breadth of his talent and the mastery of arrangement that has come to define the scope of his songs. 

    As Kauffman told Spinner.com at 2010's SXSW, Floating Action is a "southern band that longs for the West Coast." Indeed, this music is perfect for nights by the beach, for intimate, surf-side parties around a fire. And it seems Kauffman couldn't have chosen a better name for the project, either: one listen through and you'll be floating too.


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