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December 12th, 2015




The Dove & The Wolf - Green & Yellow

This Shaking Through episode brings together the beautifully entwined voices of Parisian duo, Louise Hayat and Paloma Gil, with members of The War on Drugs, Rachael Yamagata’s band and more to explore the fruits of a classic Weathervane collaboration. The song, “Green and Yellow” is extraordinary, once again.

       Long before this day ever happened, we asked Weathervane members around the world to suggest great possible artists for Shaking Through. Our long-time friend Laurence in Paris suggested The Dove & The Wolf - then a folk duo, lighting up YouTube with impromptu video performances, and tracks from a debut 7 inch. The music they were making was so beautiful, and we all knew there was a story there that we’d never told before.

       “I was born in Paris,” says Paloma. “I grew up there. I spent my whole life in the same building. It was where my dad spent his whole life and where my grandmother spent her whole life.”

       “And I grew up in the middle of nowhere in Martinique, in a house in the middle of banana fields...I feel so lucky that I got to do that.” adds Lou.

       The two met in Paris 11 years ago, before they moved to Philadelphia in 2015…. Which brings us to a particularly sun-drenched day in July where they were to record “Green and Yellow” with drummer Charlie Hall of The War on Drugs, Owen Biddle who has played with The Roots and Rachael Yamagata, and new Philly singer-songwriter Jesse Hale Moore on keys. The impromptu group was chasing a production idea that producer (and Weathervane Founder) Brian McTear had years before.

       “For my whole life,” says McTear, “I’ve wanted to produce a song in the vein of U2’s “Elvis Presley and America” from Unforgettable Fire. The drum beat was something I’ve never heard anyone emulate, and Lou and Paloma’s song seemed the perfect opportunity to try. When I asked Charlie, he simply texted a picture of his bedroom as a kid. The black drum kit and huge U2 poster seemed to suggest he was game.”

       “Green and Yellow” came together incredibly fast that day. The drums, bass and Rhodes - all live - seemed meant to be in an instant. Lou and Paloma’s scratch vocals and guitar could have even made the final cut, which practically never happens. And when the two sang together as a pair for their final vocal, there seemed little reason to interfere.

       Says Lou, “I think we had the best band we could have had...we’re super lucky and I’m so grateful for all the people that we’ve met along the road who have given us a chance...we’re doing what we love the most everyday which is...a blessing, there are no other words.”



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