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June 9th, 2010



Springs - Waste My Time

Recorded in the last throws of winter 2010, Springs is the work of accomplished Brooklyn singer and musician, Mike Visser. The project was brought to us by curator and producer, Scott McMicken of Philadelphia super-stars, Dr. Dog. The recording session for “Waste My Time” was an amazing collaboration of the two friends, that has led to further works in the making...

    Springs is the new brainchild of guitarist and vocalist Mike Visser. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa he spent 8 years in California playing with the band Frank Jordan and touring the United States. After that project dissipated, he bounced from Sacramento, CA to Shwanksville, PA before settling in Brooklyn and setting to work on new material. 
    During his time on the road he spent a few "ramshackle tours" with Dr. Dog where he developed a friendship with guitarist/vocalist Scott McMicken. A fan of Visser's solo work, McMicken asked Springs to be the sixth Shaking Through artist for 2010, an experience that had a big impact on Visser. "In a way it has set the bar for how i want my recording experiences to be from now on," he says. "I can not thank everyone enough." 

    "Waste My Time," is the first single released by Springs. It blends 1920's caterwaul with stomping 70's motown, powered by Visser's athletic and undeniable voice. "I love songs that sound like they weren't written," says Visser. "In my opinion great "artists" aren't the ones creating, but are merely tools of some cosmic force that they are lucky enough to be used by."


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