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November 10th, 2010



Party Photographers - 21

Philadelphia new-comers Party Photographers round out Volume 1 of Shaking Through. They descended on Miner Street studio and ripped through their 21st song with charisma and energy to spare. Their music, high energy punk drenched in reverb and haze, left us in awe and their personalities sealed the deal. There truly was never a dull moment.

    Christian: We've been called a 'garage-pop' band, and 'lo-fi'.... and 'shoegaze'... 

    Elizabeth: ... and 'punk'... 
    Christian: Yeah, 'punk'... but I think... I think we're just a rock and roll band... sadly. 
    Elizabeth: Yeah, a LOUD, NASTY Rock and roll band. 
    Party Photographers is the chosen band name of Elizabeth Rogers, Christian Nelson, Karlina DeMarco, and Shane Monroe. The foursome, whose individual backgrounds trace back to Kentucky, Southern New Jersey, and Washington State, formed in Philadelphia back in 2009. They practiced in the living room of a trinity situated less than 20 feet from Interstate 95, and, oh yeah... that hottest summer on record, they did so with the doors wide open. 
    The band played only a handful of Philly DIY show venues before guest curator, Mark Schoneveld of YVYNYL selected them as his third and final band for Shaking Through. "I saw them perform and I was just blown away", says Schoneveld, "especially by Elizabeth the lead singer. I think this was one of their first performances, and she was just absolutely amazing... Like a deer in the headlights, maybe, but just SO powerful." 

    In the time since, they've toured 8000 miles to play bars, record stores, collectives and basements around the US. They recorded a single and b-side, slated for release in 2011, and are planning a limited cassette featuring "21" and all their releases to date, for late winter.


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