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August 10th, 2010



Ben + Vesper - Hot Thunder

Independent darlings Ben + Vesper visit Philadelphia along with curator, producer and friend, Daniel Smith of the southern New Jersey band Danielson to record a brand new track "Hot Thunder." The song features husband and wife duo vocals, along with ornate orchestral arrangements from older brother (or "brother-in-law", depending how you look at it), Joshua Stamper.

    "Hot Thunder" was recorded for Shaking Through on June 10 and 11, with curator, producer and friend, Daniel Smith of the southern New Jersey band Danielson. 
    From Orange, NJ, the husband and wife duo of Ben and Vesper Stamper are a fresh, strange and increasingly important voice in the indie music world. They are joined by Steve Oyola and Jon Mosloskie on bass and drums (both from the band Holler, Wild Rose), along with Ben's older brother, Joshua Stamper who plays guitar and created the oddly cartoonish, perfectly executed orchestral arrangements that grace this song. 
    Ben and Vesper are both artists, through and through, utilizing every medium they encounter and creating something amazing every time. Whether it's tattoo design, painting, film, video, illustration...and of course, music, Ben and Vesper are a well spring of creative energy. 

    Since joining up with Daniel Smith's label, Sounds Familyre in 2005, Ben + Vesper have recorded, performed and collaborated with Sufjan Stevens, Kurt Weisman (Feathers), Asa Irons (Feathers, Witch) and Chris Weisman (Happy Birthday). Their new album, Honors, produced by Daniel Smith with help from Brian McTear and Amy Morrissey, will be released in January 2011.


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