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Rock to the Future


Workshop | Apr. 2018

RTTF House Band - "Without You" | Mix 1.0

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Poirier & Brian McTear at Miner Street Recordings


Download the Raw Tracks and make your own mix! Hone your mixing skills or go wild with a creative remix, but be sure to share your work back with the community in the comments section below. Enjoy!

These Workshops are an opportunity to join the Weathervane staff and community for a hands on weekend of recording and mixing in a professional studio.
You can come for just a tracking or mixing day, or stay with us for the entire weekend as we make a brand new song from start to finish! Ask questions along the way and learn the processes and techniques we use for Shaking Through and every day in the studio.
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For this workshop, we partnered with “Rock to the Future,” a fellow Philadelphia non-profit that provides performance-based music education to youth from underserved communities. We recorded an original song written by their “House Band,” a group made up of talented high school students who attend Rock to the Future’s programs. In addition, Rogers Stevens, the lead guitarist from the 90's hit band Blind Melon, who is a big supporter of Rock to the Future, played with the band and helped to produce the rippin’ guitar solo at the end of the song.


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Multitracks - 16 bit / 44.1 Kbps

RTTF House Band - Raw Tracks
252.9 MB

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