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Shared multitracks from Weathervane Members and Staff

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The basic story 

Over the years, Weathervane’s Brian McTear and Engineer Matt Poirier have worked together on many projects outside of Weathervane recordings. In the spirit of supporting this community and keeping us all sane, several artists have donated tracks for Weathervane remix subscribers. Over the next few months we’ll drop new multitracks for you to download, inspect, and remix at your discretion. Make them as like or unlike the original as you so desire. It’s the least we could do for everyone who is helping us stay afloat through this unprecedented time. While we may be hunkered down at home, we can still make music together.

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bitter bitter weeks

Brian McTear


final mix

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Pavo Pavo - Drum Samples - Hi Res
663.2 MB
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Song Name

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Ellen Siberian Tiger - Private Concert - Single (MP3)
6.5 MB
Half Waif Drum Samples - Lo-Res (original)
238.9 MB
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