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The Weathervane Community. For 8 years, since 2009, our understanding of who we are has continued to evolve. Early on, we pictured ourselves as a small set of adventurous music fans, searching for new experiences in music (and hell-bent on being high-quality supporters of great new artists). Today, we are that for sure, but we have become musicians and producers ourselves, from hobbyists to professionals. We are young and old lifelong learners, students, and seasoned experts in our field.


Since 2010, this Philadelphia 501(c)(3) nonprofit has produced Shaking Through, our documentary series that has captured the recording of brand new songs with over 50 different artists. People everywhere can hear the songs, watch videos, and Weathervane Members can download the raw audio files, remix them and share them back with the community for valuable feedback.


I am humbled by what it means to survive and grow, as we have, over such a long period of time. As a nonprofit We know it is entirely because of your generosity, so just like every year, I say thank you, and ask that you please help us to continue!


With love and gratitude, 
Brian McTear
Weathervane Founder and Executive Director 

Year-end 2017 campaign

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Weathervane Fletcher-Munson


Back by popular demand. Support Weathervane and show your pride by wearing this classic Weathervane shirt using the Fletcher Munson curve design. A comfy, vintage navy, tri-blend Next-Level tee designed by Miner Street's Amy Morrissey.

 Thanks to Weathervane Partners

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Miner Street Recordings


A very special thanks to Miner Street Recordings, the studio in Philadelphia where Shaking Through and Recording Workshops are produced, for donating T-shirts for our fundraising efforts. We couldn't do this without you!


If you simply want to support, you can make a Tax-deductible donation now! 

(Otherwise keep scrolling to see more fundraising items!)
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new in 2017

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You've asked, We're doin' it... 

Get a thoughtful, well-written critique of your work, whether finished or in progress.
Deluxe one-on-one video chat model, also available. Let's do it!
Honor the spirit of what Weathervane is all about, while getting meaningful input on your work! 

How-to pdf docs

mix roadmap 600

The Mix Roadmap 


Most popular in 2015 - This 62 page PDF, outlines the series of steps we follow every time we mix a song, whether for Shaking Through or any project, and it works.
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Tracking in the Footsteps 

39 pages. A new comparative exercise to sharpen your ear for quality sounds. Make track by track comparisons, with insight into the adjustments you can make for the same quality sounds we do. 
overhead 600

Drum Overhead Technique 


Clear, concise and lots of muscle. This is Weathervane's unique 3 mic overhead technique for drums, clearly spelled out step by step in PDF format, with lots of pics to insure success.
drum room 600

Drum Room Mic Technique 


"Far away" without the time delay. These are the exact steps we follow to get our room sound when recording drums. Presented in simple PDF format, with photos for precise results.
archiving 600

Sensible Archiving 

Future-proof your work. How we save our audio files so we can work with them in 20 years. (Delivery date - Nov 15!)
voc acc 600

Acoustic Guitar & Vocal  

Acoustic Guitar and Vocal. Two mics in nearly perfect phase. A great technique we've discovered for capturing and maintaining control over the two tracks all in one performance. (Delivery date - Nov 15!)
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10 PDF Documents:
The Mix Roadmap, Tracking in the Footsteps, The Weathervane Drum Overhead Technique, The Weathervane Drum Room Mic Technique, Sensible Archiving (New), Acoustic & Vocal Mic Technique (New), How to make a Tremolo, How to make a simple De-esser (New), How to make a Sub-Kick (New), Simple Vocal Ducking (New) --- (Delivery date - Nov 15!)


tremolo 600

Sidechain Tremolo 

Side-chain tricks: how we make a tremolo using a click track and a gate. 
deesser 600

Side Chain De-esser 


Side-chain tricks: how we make a de-esser using a compressor and an eq.
sub kick 600

Sidechain Sub-kick 


Side-chain tricks: how to add sub-frequencies to drums without using EQ. By Fairhaven College's Russell Fish. 
ducking 600

Sidechain Vocal Ducking 


Side-chain tricks: how we bring out quiet vocal in a mix of loud instruments. (Delivery date - Nov 15!)
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prepared drum samples

Prepared Drum Samples 1.0 

30 drumsets from Shaking Through, captured in multiple velocity layers. Saved as instruments / presets for Slate Trigger, or many other drum triggering software platforms.  
Support Weathervane Music, and hear the sounds of Shaking Through in your own recordings!


About Weathervane's Work
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Sharon Van Etten (2010), Mr. Twin Sister (2010), Snowmine (2011), Strand of Oaks (2012), Hop Along (2013), So So Glos (2013), Torres (2014), Peter Matthew Bauer (2014), The Dead Milkmen (2015), Mutual Benefit (2015), Hemming (2016), Big Thief (2016) and many, many more.




Sufjan Stevens, Sharon Van Etten and Members of: Here We Go Magic, The War on Drugs, Wilco, Dr. Dog, Strand of Oaks, Grizzly Bear, Man Man, The Antlers, and more.
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Recording Workshop #1

Hard Work Movement 


January 28 - 29, 1017 
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Recording Workshop #2

Artist TBA 


March 18 - 19, 2017
In January and March 2017 we're bringing back Weathervane Recording and Mixing Workshops. These are incredible experiences. A great way to learn about music production first hand with other members, right in Miner Street Recordings, the studio where we produce Shaking Through.
We only have space for 10 attendees at each workshop. Reserve yours while they are available!
(Travel costs to Philadelphia are not included).
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Annual & Monthly Membership 

Your membership is always the best way to support Weathervane! 

Major Donor Opportunities 

exec producer

Be an Executive Producer!

Executive Producers contribute $2750 (half the costs associated with an episode of Shaking Through). You are invited to attend and participate fully with the rest of us as we produce a new song and video for one episode of Weathervane's remarkable documentary video series.  You will be first to see all videos and final audio content, before the episode release. 
assoc prod600

Be an Associate Producer!  

Associate Producers contribute $250 toward the costs of Shaking Through, and are invited to attend all episode production wrap parties at Miner Street, the studio where the series is produced. Here you will meet the artists, production staff and hear the final mix of the song recorded that weekend.  


Special Producers Experiences and Opportunities 

Shaking Through episode productions take place over two incredible days at Miner Street Recordings in Philadelphia. They are an enormous undertaking, including everything it takes to make top-level music recordings and documentary video. Weathervane relies on our Executive and Associate Producers to make these projects possible. 


Special Producer contributions do NOT include travel costs to get to Philadelphia.
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